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Stage and Vocal Works Appropriate for Social Distancing

Thomas Adès
Life Story (1993)
for soprano and chamber ensemble of three players
text (Eng) by Tennessee Williams
2 bcl.db

Powder Her Face
chamber opera in two acts
libretto (Eng) by Philip Hensher
2 sopranos, tenor, bass
3cl(I.bcl, ssax, bsax; II.bcl, asax, bsax ad lib; III.bcl, cbcl, swanee whistle)-hn.tpt.trbn-perc-hp-pno

Gerald Barry
Beethoven (2008)
for bass voice and ensemble
text (Eng) by Ludwig van Beethoven

Jabberwocky (2012)
for voice, horn and piano
text (Eng) by Lewis Carroll
French translation by Frank L. Warrin
German translation by Robert Scott

Things that gain by being painted (1977)
for soprano, speaker, cello, and piano
Text from "The Pillow Book" of Sei Shonagon, translated and edited by Ivan Morris
singer, narrator, piano, cello; props: screen approx 2mx2m, small table, 2 books, and 3 spotlights

George Benjamin

Into the Little Hill (2006)
a lyric tale in two parts for soprano, contralto and ensemble of 15 players
text (Eng) by Martin Crimp
fl(pic, bfl).2 basset hn in F.cbcl-2crts.ttrbn-cimbalon-perc-2vn(2.mandolin).2
va(2.banjo).2 vc.db (lowest string tuned to C)

Alban Berg
Lulu (1927-1935)
opera in three acts for solo voices and chamber orchestra (arr. Eberhard Kloke, 2008/09)
Libretto (Ger) by the composer, after Frank Wedekind
min.:, str(, stage music; max.: pno-str(, stage music

Wozzeck (1917-1922)
opera in three acts (15 scenes)
Libretto (Ger) by the composer, after Georg Büchner
reduced version (21 instruments), arr. John Rea

Benjamin Britten
Curlew River, Op. 71 (1964)
A parable for church performance
text (Eng) by William Plomer after the Japanese Noh-play 'Sumidagawa' by Juro Motomasa
for tenor, 2 baritones, bass, boy soprano, chorus (3T, 3Bar, 2B) and 2 assistants (boys; silent roles)
fl(pic)-hn-perc-hp.chamber organ-va.db

Phaedra (1975)
text (Eng) by Robert Lowell after Racine's 'Phèdre'
dramatic cantata for mezzo-soprano and small orchestra

Gavin Bryars
Collected Works of Billy the Kid (2017-18)
chamber opera in one act
Libretto (Eng) by Jean Lacornerie based on the book by Michael Ondaatje,
with French translations by Michel Lederer
1S, 1Bar

Marilyn Forever (2010-13)
Libretto (Eng) by Marilyn Bowering
Marilyn · soprano - Rehearsal Director · baritone - The Tritones · small chorus of tenor, baritone and bass in pit with ensemble
bcl.bsn-hn-perc-str(; jazz trio (tsax-pno-jazz bass)

The Paper Nautilus (2006)
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, 2 pianos, percussion
Libretto (Eng, Fr, Lat) fashioned and translated by Gavin Bryars based on texts by Jackie Kay, Etel Adnan, Marie Curie, Leo XIII, and from the Bible
6perc(glsp, vib, crot, 2mar, bass mar, steel drum, tub bells, 2tri, 4sus cym, 2sizz cym, ride cym, 7gongs [plus water tank], 2tam-t, 2bell tree, 3mark tree, cabaça, chocolo, 2b.d, 4timp, maracs)-2pno

Christopher Cerrone
All Wounds Bleed (2011)
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, and piano
Libretto (Eng) by Tony Asaro

The Naomi Songs (2015, arr. 2017)
version for amplified voice and sextet
text (Eng) by Bill Knott
fl.Bbcl(bcl).perc(5 octave marimba and vibraphone).pno.amplified voice(with electronic looping or tape)

Douglas J. Cuomo
Arjuna’s Dilemma (2008)
chamber opera in one act
Libretto (English, Sanskrit and Hindi) by the composer from Bhagavad Gita and poetry of Kabir
for Indian vocalist, tenor, female chorus (four voices) and ensemble
1(pic, afl).0.1(bcl)

Savage Winter (2017)
for tenor (amplified), trumpet (amplified, with improvisatory sections), 
piano (keyboards), electric guitar (with improvisatory sections), 
and electronics
text (Eng) based on poetry by Wilhem Müller, freely adapted by Douglas J. Cuomo

Jessica Curry
Fields were the Essence of the Song (2009)
for voice, piano, and electronics

From Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (2015):
A Beautiful Morning
for solo soprano, solo violin, and small orchestra - str

Finding the Pattern 
for solo soprano, solo violin, piano, and small orchestra with electronics - pno - harp - strings - electronics (CD playback)

Primary Conduit 
for solo soprano, solo violin, piano, and small orchestra with electronics - pno - harp - strings - electronics (CD playback)

Chaya Czernowin
Habekhi (2018)
for low female foice, ensemble and electronics

Pnima... Inwards (1998-1999)
chamber opera
Libretto (vocalise) based on the novella "See under: Love" by David Grossmann
for four vocal soloists, instrumental soloists and string orchestra

Miniatures (1998)
six miniatures and a simultaneous song
for amplified mixed ensemble and singer
text (Hebrew) by Sohar Eitan
self conducted trio: non operatic female voice, guitar, viola
conducted quartet: bass flute, bass clarinet, alto sax, cello

Tansy Davies

Cave (2018)
chamber opera in eight scenes for mezzo-soprano, tenor and ensemble with electronics
text (Eng) by Nick Drake
cl(bcl).bsn(cbn) electronics(1-2 operators): sampler/effects applied to the vocal performers

Peter Eötvös
Radames (1975, rev. 1997)
chamber opera
Libretto (Eng, Ger, It) by Peter Eötvös
based on texts by András Jeles, László Najmányi, Manfred Niehaus und Antonio Ghislanzoni
English text version by Gregory Vajda, played by the conductor)

Beat Furrer
Illuminations (1985)
for soprano and chamber ensemble
fl.2cl-2tbn-2-3perc-pno-vc(2 or or

Erin Gee
Mouthpiece 28 (2016)
for female voice, bass flute, bass clarinet, percussion, and violin

Georg Friedrich Haas
Dido (2013)
for soprano and string quartet

...wie stille brannte das Licht (2009)
for soprano and chamber ensemble

Jonathan Harvey
Songs of Li Po (2002)
for mezzo-soprano, strings, percussion, and harpsichord

Song Offerings (1985)
fl(afl).cl–pno–string quintet(db=crot)

Hans Werner Henze
El Cimarrón (1969-1970)
Biography of the runaway slave Estéban Montejo; Recital for four musicians
Libretto (Eng, Ger, Sp) from the book by Miguel Barnet, translated and adapted for music by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
for baritone, flute, guitar, percussion

Michael Hersch
I hope we get a chance to visit soon (2017)
for two sopranos and nine players
texts (Eng) by Christopher Middleton, Mary Harris O'Reilly, Rebecca Elson
60' (16 section version) or 70' (19 section version)

On the Threshold of Winter (2012)
a monodrama in two acts (31 sections)
Libretto (Eng) by the composer, adapted from Marin Sorescu's "The Bridge"

Paul Hindemith
Hin und zurück (1927)
a sketch with music, op. 45a
text (Ger) by Marcellus Schiffer
English translation by Marion Farquhar
S, 2T, Bar, B, speaker, actor; orchestra
1.0.1.asax.1- – backstage: harmonica

Lee Hoiby
The Italian Lesson (1982)
text (Eng) by Ruth Draper, adapted by Mark Shulgasser
for soprano or mezzo-soprano and ensemble

This Is the Rill Speaking (1991)
chamber opera in one act
Libretto (Eng) by Mark Shulgasser after the play by Lanford Wilson
for soprano, 2 mezzo-sopranos, tenor and 2 baritones

Heinz Holliger
Not I (1978-1980)
Monodrama for soprano, tape (or live electronics) and video

Toshio Hosokawa
Futari Shizuka (2017)
The Maiden from the Sea
opera in one act
original text (Jap/Eng) by Oriza Hirata, based on the Noh play Futari Shizuka
for soprano, Noh singer/dancer and orchestra

The Raven (2011-2012)
monodrama for mezzo-soprano and 12 players
Libretto (Eng) based on "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe 
solo saxophone: asax, tsax and barsax - orchestra: 2(2pic&afl).1.2(2.bcl).1(cbsn)-, tub bells, 2cym.ant, 6trgl, b.d, 3rins on timp, 2gongs, vib, s.d)-2hp-str(

Kamran Ince
Abandoned (2014)
a monodrama in one act
for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, violin, and piano
libretto by Jerre Dye

Istathenople (2003)
for female voice and chamber ensemble (2003)
cl(asax).tsax-perc(Bb crot, darbuka, brake d, bendir, vib, b.d)

Leoš Janáček
The Cunning Little Vixen (1922–1923)
opera in three acts, reduced version by Jonathan Dove
Libretto (Cze) by the composer

Christian Jost
Death Knocks (2001)
opera in one act
Libretto (Eng) based on the play by Woody Allen
for mezzo-soprano and baritone
vl, db, cl, bn, tpt, tbn, perc

Dichterliebe (2017)
Libretto (Ger) based on texts by Heinrich Heine for Robert Schumann's "Dichterliebe"
version for high voice (tenor or soprano) and nine instrumentalists

Heart Sutra (2012)
chamber opera in four scenes and a prologue
Libretto (Eng) by Joyce Chiou, based on the short story of the same name
and the poem "The Love of a Falling Leaf" by Zhang Ailing
2S, Mz, T

Oliver Knussen
Hums and Songs of Winnie the Pooh (1970/1983)
for soprano and chamber ensemble of five players
text (Eng) by A.A. Milne

O Hototogisu! (2017)
fragment of a Japonisme
for soprano, flute and ensemble of 23 players
text (Eng) adapted by the composer from Haiku poems of the 17th and 19th century
fl.ob(ca).cl.bcl.bsn-2hn.tpt.trbn-2perc-pno(cel)-hp-solo flute-4vn.2va.2 vc.db

Ernst Krenek
Der Diktator (1926)
a tragic opera in one act
for two sopranos, tenor, baritone and four silent roles
Libretto (Ger) by the composer

Schwergewicht (Heavyweight) op. 55 (1927)
operetta in one act
Libretto (Ger) by Ernst Krenek
Translation by Richard Austin
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, bassbuffo and orchestra

The Secret Kingdom (1926)
opera in one act
Libretto (Ger) by the composer
2 2 2 2 - 1 1 1 0 - timp, perc, str - on stage: perc, bjo or mandolin

Joan La Barbara
Ears of an Eagle; Eyes of a Hawk: In the Vortex (2019)
for chamber ensemble with voice and fixed media

Vlissingen Harbor (1982)
for voice and ensemble 

Hannah Lash

Desire (2019)
chamber opera in one act
Libretto (Eng) by the composer, with Cori Ellison
for three voices (A, Ct, Bar) and string quartet

Lei Liang
Inheritance (2018)
chamber opera in one act
Libretto (Eng) by Matt Donovan
based on the life of Sarah Winchester
for soprano, baritone, two female voices and chamber ensemble
2cl, tpt in C, 2perc, gtr, hpsd, cb

György Ligeti
Mysteries of the Macabre (1974-1977, rev. 1992)
three arias from Le Grand Macabre
for coloratura soprano or solo trumpet and orchestra
arranged by Elgar Howarth (1991)
text (Ger, Eng) by the composer

Colin Matthews
The Great Journey (1988)
for baritone and chamber ensemble of eight players

Darius Milhaud
The Abduction of Europa (1927)
opéra-minute in eight scenes
Text (Ger) by Henri Hoppenot
SATB (vocal sextet)

Arvo Pärt
L'abbe Agathon (2004)
for soprano and 8 violoncellos
text (Fr) by the composer, English translation by Cori Ellison

Stephen Paulus
The Village Singer (1979)
opera in one act
libretto (Eng) by Michael Dennis Browne
after a story by Mary Wilkins Freeman

Tobias Picker
Emmeline (1995)
opera in two acts
based on the novel by Judith Rossner
Libretto (Eng) by J.D. McClatchy
chamber version arranged by Samuel Bill (2009)
4S, 2Mz, 2T, 2Bar, 2Bl women’s chorus
1(pic).1(ca).1(bcl).1- min)

Fantastic Mr. Fox (1998)
opera in three acts
Libretto (Eng) by Donald Sturrock, based on the book by Roald Dahl
for 2 sopranos, 3 mezzo-sopranos, 3 tenors, 2 baritones, bass-baritone, bass and children's chorus
reduced orchestra version, arranged by Samuel Bill (2010)
1(pic, afl).1(ca).1(bcl).1(cbsn)-
chamber version for seven players, arranged by Francesco Ciluffo (2010)

Thérèse Raquin (1999-2000)
opera in two acts
Libretto (Eng) by Gene Scheer, based on the novel by Émile Zola
for 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, 2 tenors, baritone and bass
chamber version, arranged by the composer

Matthias Pintscher
A Twilight's Song (1997)
After a poem by e.e. cummings
for soprano and seven instruments

Bernard Rands
Ballad 1 (1971)
for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble
text (Eng) by Gilbert Sorrentino

Folk Songs (2014)
for voice and eight instrumentalists
Texts (English, Old English, Spanish, Welsh, Bavarian, Italian) anonymous, s.d, cym, sizzle cym, 2wdbl, clav, tamb, bng, 3tam-t, tub bell)

Wolfgang Rihm
Jakob Lenz (1977-78)
chamber opera in one act
libretto (Ger) by Michael Fröhling 
for 2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 basses and childrens' voices

Joaquín Rodrigo
Despedida de Azucena (1960)
Aria with text by José María Valverde
from the unfinished oratorio, La Azucena de Quito 
for soprano, oboe, English horn, and celesta

El Hijo Fingido
a lyric comedy in a prologue and two acts
Libretto (Sp) by Victoria Kamhi and Jesús de Arozamena
based on ¿De cuándo acá nos vino? y Los ramilletes de Madrid 
by Lope de Vega (1562-1635)
for soloists, choir and orchestra
SATB Chorus

Líricas castellanas (1980)
for soprano, recorder (flute), Zink (oboe), and Vihuela (guitar)
Texts: Anonymous

Retablo de Navidad (1952)
I. Villancicos
for soprano and chamber orchestra
texts by Lope de Vega and Victoria Kamhi
2 (2.pic)

II. Canciones
for soprano, baritone, mixed choir, and chamber orchestra
2 (2.pic).1eh.0.0-

Rosaliana (1965)
four songs set to the poetry of Rosalía de Castro
for medium voice and chamber orchestra

Tríptic de Mossén Cinto (1935)
for medium voice and orchestra
text by Jacinto Verdaguer

Nino Rota
La scuola di guida (1959)
An idyll
Libretto (It) by Mario Soldati
Orchestrated by Bruno Moretti (2010)
S, T; 2.2.1.bcl.2- org + Cel)-str
Reduced version:
Orchestrated by Bruno Moretti (2017)
S,T; 1.0.1(bcl) .1- org + Cel)-Str(1-0-1-1-1)

Die Maus (1925)
for voice (S/T) and chamber orchestra
text (Ger) by Nino Rota, age 14; source unknown

Il Presepio (1928)
for female voice and string quartet
set to Tuscan folk texts (It)

Il richiamo (1923)
for soprano and string quartet
text (It) by Rabindranath Tagore

Kenji Sakai
Borders (2016)
for soprano and ensemble
text from “Eternite” by Arthur Rimbaud
shakuhachi(or fl)

Arnold Schönberg
Erwartung (1901)
monodrama in one act for soprano and chamber orchestra, arranged by Faradsch Karaew (2004)
Libretto (Ger) by Marie Pappenheim

Joseph Schwantner
Dreamcaller (1984)
three songs for soprano, violin, and orchestra
text (Eng) by Joseph Schwantner

Dream Drapery
"Thoreau Songs"
for contralto and Baroque string quartet
texts (Eng) by Henry David Thoreau
contralto(2 glass crystals) da

Sparrows (1978)
for soprano and chamber ensemble
text (Eng) by Issa, translated by Lewis Mackenzie
fl(pic).cl-perc(glsp, vib, tub bells, tri, sus cym, gong, tam-t, timb, b.d)

Alvin Singleton
Bernsteinlied (1988)
for flute, soprano, and piano
text (Eng) by the composer

Between Sisters
for soprano, alto flute, vibraphone, and piano
text (Eng) by Rita Dove, from "The House Slave"

Dream Sequence '76
theater piece in two parts
for eight singers (SSAATTBarB), two actors, pantomime, six extras (silent parts), 
chamber orchestra, and tape
Libretto (Eng) by the composer
1(pic).0.0.asax.tsax(cl).1- (voices of children at play)

Search (1990)
for soprano, flute, and vibraphone
text (Eng) by Mari Evans

Kate Soper
Here Be Sirens (2013)
for three sopranos and grand piano

IPSA DIXIT (2010-2016)
for soprano, flute, violin, and percussion

The Ultimate Poem is Abstract (2016)
for soprano and chamber ensemble

Gregory Spears

Our Lady (2012)
Monodrama for countertenor, positive organ, and baroque string ensemble,
setting fragments of Marian texts written in Medieval Provencal by one of the last troubadours, Guiraut Riquier

Paul's Case (2013)
chamber opera in two acts
Libretto (Eng) by Kathryn Walat and Gregory Spears, based on the Willa Cather short story "Paul's Case"
2S, Mz, 2T, Bar, Bass; 2 clarinets, harp, piano, string quintet

Johannes Maria Staud
Der Riß durch den Tag (2011)
monodrama for narrator and ensemble
Libretto (Ger) by Durs Grünbein

Morton Subotnick
Jacob’s Room: Monodrama (2012, rev. 2013)
for voice, keyboard, strings and electronics
Libretto (Eng) by the composer, inspired by Plato's "Phaedrus," "Eleni" by Nicholas Gage, "The Pit and the Trap" by Moshe Kohn, "The Little School: Tales of Disappearance and Survival" by Alicia Partnoy, "The Holocaust Kingdom: A Memoir" by Aleaxnder Donat, and "Jacob's Room" by Virginia Woolf. 

Martin Suckling
Candlebird (2011)
for baritone and chamber ensemble of 18 players
text (Eng) by Don Paterson
solo baritone - 2(I.pic, II.pic+afl).1.2(I in A= ebcl, II in Bb=bcl + cl in A tuned down 1/4 tone).1-

Mark-Anthony Turnage
Greek (1986-1988)
opera in two acts
Libretto (Eng) adapted by Mark-Anthony Turnage and Jonathan Moore, based on Steven Berkoff's stage play
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, two baritones, four actors and speaking roles
fl(afl, pic, bodhran, large metal bar).2ob(, brake d, bodhran,, brake d).2Bcl(1.Ebcl, bcl, med tom-t, 2.bcl).ssax(asax, barsax, vibraslap, ratchet)2hn(both lg tom-t, metal bar).Ctpt(large metal dustbin lid).tbn(very large metal sheet)-1 or 2perc-hp(low log drum and bodhran).pno(epno, police whistle, clav)-va(large ratchet).3vc(1.clav, 2.ratchet).db(police whistle)

Twice Through the Heart (1994-96)
Dramatic scena for mezzo-soprano and 16 players
Text (Eng) by Jackie Kay
1(afl).1(ca).2(bcl).0-, vib, mar, sus cym, 3gongs, tam-t, b.d, pedal b.d, ratchet, clav, whip)-hp.pno(cel)-str(

Viktor Ullmann
Der Kaiser von Atlantis oder Die Tod-Verweigerung, op. 49 (1943/1944)
opera in one act
Libretto (Ger) by Peter Kien
English translation by Sonja Lyndon
for soprano, alto/mezzo-soprano, 2 tenors, baritone, 2 bass

Richard Wagner
Das Rheingold (1853–1854)
Eve of the stage play ‘The Ring of the Nibelungen’, for medium-sized orchestra by Eberhard Kloke (2018)

Die Walküre
First day of the stage play ‘The Ring of the Nibelungen’ for medium-sized orchestra by Eberhard Kloke (2018)

Second day of the stage play “The Ring of the Nibelungen” for medium-sized orchestra by Eberhard Kloke (2018)

Third day of the stage play ‘The Ring of the Nibelungen’ for medium-sized orchestra by Eberhard Kloke (2012)

Stewart Wallace
Harvey Milk Reimagined (2020) (World Premiere Date TBA)
an opera in two acts
libretto (Eng) by Michael Korie
2S, 2Mz, CT, 2T, 2Bar, B, Boy Tenor
Mixed Chorus (SATB)
2(2pic).1(eh).2(2.Ebcl).bcl.2(2.cbsn)-2.1(pic tpt).2.1-timp.perc-kybd-str(8,7,5,4,3)

Hat Trunk
for mezzo-soprano and ensemble
based on scene two from the opera Hopper's Wife
Libretto (Eng) by Michael Korie
1.1.0.tsax.1-, timp, sus cym, ride cym, kick drum, b.d)

She Told Me This (2010)
for voice and ensemble 
text (Eng) by Amy Tan

Supermax (World Premiere Date TBA)
opera for 4 singers and 13 instrumentalists
libretto by Michael Korie

Where's Dick (1989)
an opera in two acts
libretto (Eng) by Michael Korie
for 14 singers and 1 actor

Huw Watkins
In the Locked Room (2011-2012)
opera in one act
libretto (Eng) by David Harsent based on a short story by Thomas Hardy
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone

Kurt Weill
Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera) (1928)
play with music after John Gay's "The Beggar's Opera"; in three acts
German translation by Elisabeth Hauptmann
adaptation and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht
2S, 2Mz, T, Bar, B-Bar and speaking roles
asax(fl, cl, bsax).tsax(ssax, bsn, bcl)-tpt.tbn(db)-banjo(vc, gtr, Hawaiian gtr, mandolin, bandoneon)-timp/perc(tpt2)harm (cel, pno)

Chansons des quais(2017)
Cycle for soprano, male quartet, and chamber ensemble.
Conceived by Kim H. Kowalke
Lyrics by Jacques Deval
asax(cl).asax(fl).tsax(ssax, asax).2tpt.1tbn.pno.gtr(bjo)

Happy End (1929)
Comedy with music, in three acts 
Lyrics (Ger) by Bertolt Brecht based on the book "Dorothy Lane" by Elisabeth Hauptmann
asax(fl,pic,cl).tsax(bsax, cl)-tpt.tbn.banjo(Hawaiian gtr or mandolin, bandoneon or accordion, bgtr)-perc(2nd tpt)-piano(harm)

Mahagonny Songspiel
Text (Ger) by Bertolt Brecht
English translation by Michael Feingold
2S, 2T, 2B; orchestra

Die sieben Todsünden (The Seven Deadly Sins) (1933)
ballet chanté in nine scenes
Text (Ger) by Bertolt Brecht

for soprano, 2 tenors, baritone, bass, dancer and corps de ballet


Zaubernacht (1922)
Kurt Weill Edition (Series I, Volume 0)
edited by Elmar Juchem and Andrew Kuster
children's pantomime
for solo soprano and chamber orchestra

Alexander Zemlinsky
Der Zwerg / The Dwarf (1921)
A tragic fairy tale for music in one act, chamber version by Jan-Benjamin Homolka (2014)
Libretto (Ger) by Georg C. Klaren or more players)-Stage music: 3 tpt.tamb.pno

Eine florentinische Tragödie (1916)
opera in one act for three singers and chamber ensemble, arranged by Roland Freisitzer (2015)
Libretto (Ger) by Max Meyerfeld, based on a pre-existing text by Oscar Wilde

Agata Zubel
Cleopatra’s Songs (2018)
for voice and ensemble
text (Eng) by the composer, inspired by texts from Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra"

In Between the Ebb of Thoughts and the Flow of Sleep (2013)
for voice, piano, and string orchestra

Not I (2010)
for voice, chamber ensemble and electronics
fl(pic, afl, bfl)

Unisono I (2003)
for voice, percussion, and computer