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BBC Symphony Orchestra Members Record Elisabeth Lutyens's Music for Wind for Radio 3 Broadcast

Jan. 01, 2021

On January 20, members of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, led by George Jackson, will record a performance of Elisabeth Lutyens's Music for Wind for a broadcast on Radio 3. This studio recording marks the first performance of this work since 1999.

Daughter of Edwardian architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, Elizabeth Lutyens is remembered as a pioneer among woman composers, and an early advocate of the twelve-note system in Britain at a time when it was derided and misunderstood. Thought most comfortable in the smaller forms, Lutyens created a large output of works for the concert hall in addition to her commercial writing for the cinema.  Formal clarity and precision were valued above romantic expression, but her finest music balances classical poise and direction with a turbulent current of genuine emotion.

Listen to Elisabeth Lutyens's "Lament of Isis on the Death of Osiris", from Isis and Osiris, Op. 74 (1969):

("Lament of Isis on the Death of Osiris"/Elisabeth Lutyens/Jane Manning, soprano)

To learn more about Elisabeth Lutyens, visit:

Elisabeth Lutyens
Music for Wind (1964)
for ten wind instruments