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Bärenreiter Rediscovers Rameau's Io With a New Edition of the Opera-Ballet

Apr. 18, 2023

Thanks to an appealing new edition from Bärenreiter, it is possible  to take a look at the very last compositional project of the great French Baroque composer, Jean-Philippe Rameau. Rameau died while working on the one-act opera-ballet Io which has remained unfinished to date. In this first edition of the work, Sylvie Bouissou, editor of the “Opera omnia Rameau“, combines the surviving parts with the instrumental and dance movements of one of Rameau’s most popular operas, Platée. Like Platée, the opera-ballet Io also takes place in the world of nymphs. It tells the story of the love affair between the nymph Io and the god Jupiter in the guise of the shepherd Hylas who rivals Apollo who has assumed the guise of Philemon. Opera Lafayette give a first performance of the work using this new edition at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. on May 2-3. The production is led by conductor Avi Stein, director Nick Olcott, and choreographer Seán Curran. 

In preparation for their upcoming festival, Opera Lafayette presents a discussion about Dance and Pantomime
in mid-18th-century French Opera featuring guest scholars Rebecca Harris-Warrick and Hedy Law. 

To learn more about Jean-Philippe Rameau and Opera omnia Rameau, visit bä