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Andrew Norman in Residence at the Royal Academy of Music

Nov. 01, 2017

Andrew Norman in Residence at the Royal Academy of Music

On November 28 and 29, Andrew Norman is Composer in Residence at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Norman sits down with music journalist and author Paul Morley on November 28 for an interview and discussion of his work. A concert on November 29 features three of Norman's works: the chamber work Meme and two orchestral works, Try and Unstuck. Timothy Weiss, director of the acclaimed Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble, conducts the program.

The oldest work on the program, Unstuck (2008), has been performed by many of the world's leading orchestras, including the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich.

On the occasion of its UK premiere by the BBC Symphony Orchestra in 2012, The Guardian's Tim Ashley offered this description of the piece:

Andrew Norman's Unstuck [is] a glamorously scored piece that examines how a line from Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five – "Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time" – impelled Norman to overcome composer's block in 2008. The first impression is of gleeful chaos as extravagant syncopations collide with shards of sexy melody. But three solo cellos gradually unstick themselves from the rest of it with an ascending theme that rises into the stratosphere after the tumult has died away.

 will also be performed later this season by the San Francisco Symphony, led by Juraj Valčuha.

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Andrew Norman
Unstuck (2008)
for orchestra
3(pic), Ebcl).3-

Try (2011)
for chamber orchestra

Meme (2014)
for chamber ensemble