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Hot in Brooklyn: Alvin Singleton’s In My Own Skin Premieres at Roulette

Nov. 01, 2011

Hot in Brooklyn: Alvin Singleton’s In My Own Skin Premieres at Roulette

On November 17, New York City’s leading new music and performing arts center Roulette continues its extraordinary opening run at its new location in downtown Brooklyn as pianist Teresa McCollough premieres Alvin Singleton’s In My Own Skin. Composed for McCollough with a grant from the Fromm Music Foundation, In My Own Skin is a highly-pianistic, one-movement work in which two competing sonic worlds emerge; one deliberate, strong, and measured, the other sprightly and impetuous. In the words of Singleton’s good friend and program note annotator Carman Moore, the new work can be characterized as:

a dialogue between two strong players---one the Emersonian voice of quiet, time-seasoned reason---the other wild and quicksilver, both in tempo and in rhythmic variety. The drama of In My Own Skin lies within these disjointed phrases, arguing over what the piece should be about. Of course, Singleton fans know that it is about both, sonic and cultural worlds which live in his skin in comfortable equality.

McCollough performs a special preview concert in Silicon Valley on November 11 as part of Santa Clara University’s Faculty Recital Series. Additionally, Singleton visits Columbia University as guest lecturer on their Composition Seminar Series on November 16.

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Alvin Singleton
In My Own Skin
for solo piano