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Hannah Lash's Glockenliebe Debuts with Talujon Percussion in New York City

Dec. 03, 2012

Hannah Lash's <em>Glockenliebe</em> Debuts with Talujon Percussion in New York City

Ushering in the end of another year, The Talujon Percussion Ensemble will present the world premiere of Hannah Lash’s Glockenliebe, December 21 in New York City. The concert, titled “The End of the World”, pairs Talujon with the superb American Modern Ensemble for a program of Apocalypse-inspired works as well as an on-stage discussion with the composers. Lash’s Glockenliebe, written in three sections for a trio of glockenspiel, was commissioned by Talujon and hypothesizes a colorful sonic transition from life into death.

Lash provides the following introduction:

How can anyone know what it would be like for existence to cease? We all imagine it. We all try, valiantly, to envision what it would be like not to be. We tell ourselves how it would go. Blackness. Nirvana. Heaven. Purgatory. Nothingness. Spirit. Another self to go to elsewhere. Who knows? For me, I can only go as far as imagining the passage away from this form, this world, this consciousness. It can’t be as sudden as turning out a light. There has to be some transition, some ritual, some heralding of the end. Maybe it would be trumpets. Maybe it would be endless strings of words with all their roots and derivations trailing behind them as if they had been pulled like weeds from a flower patch. Or maybe it would be bells, ringing multiple lines whose relationship to one another spins a web as complex as our memories of life.

The program takes place at New York City’s DiMenna Center for Classical Music and also features works by Daniel Iglesia, Eric Nathan, Robert Paterson, George Rochberg, and Daniel Wohl.

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Hannah Lash
Glockenliebe (2012)
for three glockenspiel