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Marc Blitzstein

The Cradle Will Rock: orchestrations by Josh Clayton

Subtitlea play in music
Year(s) composed1937
InstrumentationReed 1 — Flute, Piccolo, Bb Clarinet and Alto Saxophone; Reed 2 — Bb Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone and Alto Saxophone; Reed 3 — Bass Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone; Bb Trumpet; Tenor and Bass Trombone; Percussion: Drum Set Woodblock, Bass Drum Castanets, Suspended Cymbal Maracas (or Afuche), Timpani (2 Drums) Claves, Bells Tambourine, Telephone (Sound Effect) Sandpaper Blocks, Triangle, Siren; Piano; Accordion; Guitar, Banjo and Lap Steel Guitar; Violin I; Violin II; Viola; Cello; Bass (w/E string extension to low C);
PremiereJune 16, 1937; Venice Theater, New York, NY
RolesMoll – Mezzo Soprano, Mrs. Mister – Mezzo Soprano, Sister Mister – Mezzo Soprano, Sadie Polock - Mezzo Soprano, Ella Hammer – Mezzo Soprano, Larry Foreman – Bass/Baritone, Harry Druggist - Baritone, Mr. Mister - Bass, Junior Mister - Baritone, Reverend Salvation* – Bass/Baritone, Editor Daily* - Tenor, Dauber* - Bass, Yasha* - Alto, Gus Polock - Baritone, Steve - Baritone, Gent - Bass, Dick - Baritone • Liberty Committee* (male octet): [Dr. Specialist* - baritone, President Prexy* - baritone, Professor Mamie* - baritone, Professor Trixie* - baritone] - Chorus - Non-singing roles: Professor Scoot, Clerk Cop, Attendant, Bugs, First Reporter, Second Reporter