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Kurt Weill

Royal Palace, Op. 17

SubtitleOpera in one act
Text AuthorIwan Goll
Instrumentation2.picc.2.2.3 (cbn).1 alto sax;; timp, perc; strings. Stage Orchestra: glockenspiel, 5 bells, celesta, piano, harp, perc, pitched auto horn



The wealthy Dejanira and her husband are staying in a luxury hotel (the Royal Palace). Dejanira has tired of wealth and leisure. Her husband, her past lover, and her future lover (so-called) each try to entice her with a vision of what life with them would be like. At the end of the three visions, Dejanira denounces all three of them and dives into the lake. She is transformed into a mermaid, while her husband remains standing on the shore. Royal Palace was one of the first operas to incorporate film.


Dejanira (dramatic soprano), the Husband (bass), Yesterday's Lover (baritone), Tomorrow's Lover (tenor), the Young Fisherman (tenor), the Old Fisherman (bass), head waiter, boy; soprano solo and female chorus (off stage)

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