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Kurt Weill

Der Weg der Verheissung

Translated titleThe Eternal Road
SubtitleBiblical drama in 4 parts
Text AuthorFranz Werfel
Instrumentation2.1.3(E-flat cl).2bcl.1-;2pno.harp.organ- guitar.timp-perc-strings
DurationFull evening
LanguageFirst performed in English adaptation as The Eternal Road, English translation by Ludwig Lewisohn
SynopsisA massive spectacle, The Eternal Road is nothing less than the story of the Jews as set forth in the Old Testament. Beginning in a synagogue, where a group of modern Jews has gathered to escape persecution, the Rabbi begins reading from the Torah, portions of which motivate the succeeding scenes: the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and Rachel, Moses, Ruth, Saul and David, and Jeremiah, among others. The action moves back and forth from biblical re-enactments to the synagogue. Eventually the group is driven out of the synagogue by soldiers, but their sorrow is turned to joy by a vision of the Messiah.
RolesSinging roles: Rabbi (tenor), Eliezer (baritone), White Angel (tenor), 2 Dark Angels (tenor, baritone) , Abraham (baritone), Sarah, Isaac, Jacob (tenor), Rachel (soprano), Joseph (baritone), His Brothers, Moses (baritone), Miriam (soprano), Voice of God (baritone), Angel of Death (bass), Ruth (mezzo-soprano), Boaz (baritone), Reaper (baritone), Saul (baritone), David (tenor), Solomon (baritone), Chananjah (baritone), Jeremiah (high baritone), Voice of the Angel of the End of Days; double chorus, SATB. Speaking roles: Pious Men, President, Elders, Women, and Boys of the Congregation, The Estranged One and his son, The Adversary, The Timid Soul, The Rich Man, The Watchman, The Youth, The Strange Girl, The Witch of Endor, Bath-Sheba, Uriah, Zedekiah, Pashur.

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