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Kurt Weill

Der Jasager

Translated titleThe Yes-Sayer; He Who Says Yes
SubtitleSchool opera in two acts
Text informationLibretto by Bertolt Brecht (translated into German by Elisabeth Hauptmann from the English translation by Arthur Waley)
Year(s) composed1930
Text AuthorBertolt Brecht
Instrumentation1.0.1.0.asx- instruments ad lib. (guitar, banjo, lute); strings (without violas)


Authorized translations

English: H.M. Potts; Michael Feingold


Based on the Japanese Noh Play Taniko. A boy receives permission to travel with his teacher and classmates across the mountains in search of a physician who can help his sick mother. The difficult journey causes the boy to become ill and unable to go on. The teacher offers to turn back, but the other students remind him of the ancient custom, which demands that sick travelers be thrown off the mountains into the valley. The boy consents (says yes), and the custom is observed.


The Boy (tenor or boy soprano), the Mother (mezzo), the Teacher (baritone), three students (2 tenors, 1 baritone), chorus, SATB.

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