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World Premiere of Richard Ayres's No. 50 (The Garden)

Sep. 01, 2018

World Premiere of Richard Ayres's <em>No. 50 (The Garden)</em>

On September 5, the Asko|Schönberg Ensemble, led by Bas Wiegers with soloist Joshua Bloom, performed the world premiere of Richard Ayres's No. 50 (The Garden) at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, Netherlands. The performance featured animated projections by video artist Martha Colburn. 

Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch and Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Richard Ayres’s semi-staged concert work is an irreverent and darkly comical tale about a discontented man in search of meaning. He digs from his garden down towards the center of the earth to find hell, then all the way back up again to heaven, only to find himself back in his garden once more.

Following the world premiere, No. 50 (The Garden) received a second performance on September 13 at the Muziekgebouw aan't IJ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Listen to a recording of Ayres's No. 42 (In the Alps) here:

(No 42. In the Alps by Richard Ayres/Nederlands Blazers Ensemble/Richard Ayres, conductor/
Barbara Hannigan, soprano)

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Richard Ayres
No. 50 (The Garden)
for bass and ensemble