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World Premiere of Noriko Koide's Juroujin Fukurokujyu by the Teionduo

Apr. 01, 2019

World Premiere of Noriko Koide's <em>Juroujin Fukurokujyu</em> by the Teionduo

On April 24, the world premiere of Noriko Koide’s Juroujin Fukurokujyu will be presented at Suginami Koukaidou by the Teionduo, comprised of Takashi Matsudaira, baritone, and Shinya Hashimoto, serpent. The Teionduo, a contemporary music group founded in 2006, is known for its fascinating programming for baritone and tuba.

Many of Noriko Koide’s works highlight her rich imagination, and they are often based on varied themes with a humourous twist. This new work is no exception: her choice of material is intriguing. Juroujin Fukurokujyu for baritone and serpent is the fourth work of the Shichifukujin series (Ebisu, Hotei and Daikoku) which Koide has worked on previously. The musical idea of this piece comes from the ‘deer’ and the ‘crane’, both of which individually accompany the Juroujin, a god dedicated to the longevity of life and the Fukurokujyu. As Koide states, phrases were quoted from Shika No Tohne and Tsuru no Sugomori, the two classical masterpieces for the shakuhachi, each piece included to represent the Juroujin = baritone and the Fukurokujyu = serpent. 

Akiko Yamane’s Dots Collection No.12 (2011), and newly commissioned works by two female composers, Yu Kuwabara and Tomoko Fukui, among others will also be performed at the same concert.

Listen to Noriko Koide's Pipakolop (2009):

(Pipakolop/Noriko Koide/Asko|Schönberg/Bas Wiegers, conductor) 

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Noriko Koide
Juroujin Fukurokujyu
for baritone and serpent
World Premiere
24 April 2019, 19:00, Suginami Koukaido
Teionduo (Takashi Matsudaira [baritone], Shinya Hashimoto [serpent])