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World Premiere of Noriko Koide Music of ◯△□ in Tokyo

Nov. 01, 2021

Music of ◯△□, a new work by Noriko Koide was premiered at  the concert “Sumire Yoshihara Percussion Recital 2021” at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan on November 1.

Music of ◯△□ was commissioned for “Sumire Yoshihara Percussion Recital” and was scheduled to be premiered in 2020. Due to the pandemic, the recital was canceled and held this year instead.

In 2010, Sumire Yoshihara commissioned Noriko Koide to write a new piece and the work, Hanamachi Gimmick, was premiered by the commissioner. This piece, Music of ◯△□, is the second piece commissioned by Sumire Yoshihara. Noriko Koide remarks that a picture book by Dick Bruna that she had as a child inspired her to write the piece, which only uses instruments shaped in the forms of a circle, triangle, and square. She also said that its title is a pun on the garden of ◯△□ at the Kenninji Temple in Gion, Hanamachi (Geisha town) in Kyoto, which reminds us of Noriko Koide's earlier piece, Hanamachi Gimmick.

Relatively small percussion instruments such as tambourines, triangles, wood blocks, ocean drums, strainers, cajon, and more are used in the piece; however, both Noriko Koide and Sumire Yoshihara create a unique and exciting musical world from the compact set of instruments.

Listen to Noriko Koide's Pipakolop (2009):
(Pipakolop/Noriko Koide/Asko|Schönberg/Bas Wiegers, conductor)

To learn more about Noriko Koide, visit:

Noriko Koide
Music of ◯△□ 
for percussion