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World Premiere of Miroslav Srnka's Speed of Truth

Jul. 15, 2019

World Premiere of Miroslav Srnka's <em>Speed of Truth</em>

On July 5, The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, led by Susanna Mälkki, gave the world premiere of Miroslav Srnka's Speed of Truth for solo clarinet, choir and orchestra, at the Hercules Hall in Munich.

The piece was commissioned by musica viva, and written for composer and virtuoso clarinettist, Jörg Widmann. Srnka captures the complicated matrix of truths and untruths as they appear in the digital world, saying:

"I wanted to research what truth can mean in digital space. On the Internet, numerous shared quotations and aphorisms circulate about truth, including quotes from Aristotle to the present day. One aspect about the quotation is always highlighted. There are sometimes even contradictory quotations, but despite this, the quotations highlight something meaningful. At the same time, these quotations are often attributed to important historic figures in order to give them credibility. In addition, there are websites which in turn analyze from whom the quotations really originate. Even the first digital sources of the “truths about truth” are characterized by untruths."

Listen to Miroslav Srnka's Piano Concerto (2013) here:

Listen to Jörg Widmann playing his own Fantasie:

For more information about Miroslav Srnka, visit:

Miroslav Srnka
Speed of Truth (2018-19)
for solo clarinet, choir and orchestra