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World Premiere of Krzysztof Penderecki's Symphony No. 6 with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra

Sep. 01, 2017

World Premiere of Krzysztof Penderecki's <em>Symphony No. 6</em> with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra

On September 24, Krzysztof Penderecki’s Symphony No. 6 “Chinese Poems”, for baritone and orchestra, receives its world premiere with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Long Yu. Penderecki’s work is comprised of eight songs on Chinese texts, sung in its premiere performance by baritone Yuan Chenye.

The position of Penderecki’s Symphony No. 6 within his oeuvre is unusual: his most recent symphonies were his Seventh and Eighth, which were both composed between 1996 and 2005. Unlike Penderecki’s two preceding symphonic works, Symphony No. 6 is scored for a significantly smaller orchestra and generally employs a more intimate, chamber music character. The work’s eight songs, based on poems by Li-Tai-Po, Thu-Fu, Ly-Y-Han, Thang-Schi-Yie-Tsai and Tschan-Jo-Su, are connected by solo intermezzi played on the Chinese stringed instrument erhu.

(Penderecki conducts his Symphony No. 8 with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra)

Following its premiere performances this month, the work receives its German premiere as part of Penderecki’s season-long residency with the Dresden Philharmonic (who co-commissioned the piece with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra). The German premiere takes place on May 5, 2018 and is preceded by performances of his Concertino for Trumpet and Orchestra (September 30), Sonata for Violin and Piano and Duo concertante (November 12), presented by the Dresden Philharmonic.

View a full score of Penderecki's Symphony No. 6 below:

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Krzysztof Penderecki
Symphony No. 6 “Chinese Poems” (2008-2017)
for baritone and orchestra
based on poems by Li-Tai-Po, Thu-Fu, Ly-Y-Han, Thang-Schi-Yie-Tsai and Tschan-Jo-Su
in the German adaption by Hans Bethge
2(2.pic, afl).2(

Symphony No. 7 “Seven Gates of Jerusalem” (1996)
for five vocal soloists (SSATB), speaker, three mixed choirs and orchestra
text (Ger) from the Bible
In the hall: 0.0.3.bcl(Ebcl.3.cbsn-

Symphony No. 8 “Songs of Transience” (2005; extended version 2007)
for vocal soloists (SMezBar), mixed choir and orchestra
texts from poems (Ger) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Bertolt Brecht, Joseph von Eichendorff, Rainer Maria Rilke, Heinrich Heine, Hermann Hesse, Karl Kraus, and Achim von Arnim
3(1.bamboofl,, 3.pic) cl in A, 3.Ebcl, bcl).2.cbsn-

Concertino (2015)
for trumpet and orchestra

Sonata (1953)
for violin and piano

Duo concertante (2010)
for violin and double bass