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World Premiere of Kamran Ince's Percussion Concerto

Feb. 01, 2019

World Premiere of Kamran Ince's <em>Percussion Concerto</em>

On February 28, Kamran Ince's leads the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra in the world premiere of his Percussion Concerto, “Cikirikcilar Hill". Ince’s Percussion Concerto, “Cikirikcilar Hill" was commissioned by the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra and "written for Evelyn Glennie and the BIPO to celebrate many centuries of Turkey’s love affair with percussive sounds and instruments." Ince describes his work in detail:

"As a child, growing up in Ankara, I was always fascinated with the Cikirikcilar Hill, an area in Ankara where there are many shops left and right of the pedestrian hill selling everything from cloths to spices, from copper pots and pans to household goods new and antique, from woodwork to beads and jewelry, and everything else in between. You can usually find anything you are looking for, or not looking for. I suppose it is the old version of a shopping mall, a place that has not really changed with time. The crowds are non-stop. The sounds vary constantly and are always fascinating. In addition to my interest in the sounds of the area, I have always been very fond of the way the word Cikirikcilar itselfsounds, a very percussive, amusing, unique sound. 

All the various sounds and moods of Cikirikcilar Hill and Turkey’s history with all its various percussive instruments are the biggest inspiration for this work. Among the numerous percussion instruments I use in the concerto are some that still remain mostly unique to Turkey, such as Davul (a small bass drum played on both sides) and Darbuka (an instrument placed between the legs and played by hands). There are five movements which concentrate on certain sounds in general: the first uses Davul and metals; the second uses skins and some metals; the third uses Darbuka and metals; the forth uses cymbals with some usage of the new instrument Aluphone (Glennie concert); and the fifth uses Marimba and Davul again." 

Listen to Kamran Ince's Flight Box (2001) for chamber ensemble here:

(Flight Box/Kamran Ince/Present Music Ensemble/Kevin Stalheim, conductor)

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Kamran Ince
Percussion Concerto, “Cikirikcilar Hill"