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World Premiere Performance of Gavin Bryars's Printemps in Lyon

Apr. 18, 2023

Percussions Claviers de Lyon in collaboration with dancers from Cie La Vouivre perform the world premiere of Gavin Bryars's Printemps with musical direction and arrangements by Gilles Dumoulin and choreography by Samuel Faccioli et Bérengère Fournier on April 25. The composer notes:

"Printemps celebrates music and dance. Five percussionists and four dancers together celebrate the Renewal, the hope of a fertile garden. The piece offers a vibrant vision of a world that starts moving again after a silence. We see neither hell nor paradise but want to vigorously draw the landscape of a community that chooses hope and momentum.

Thanks to a powerful and evocative language, it expresses a fragile balance, vector of emotions. An ode to life!"

Listen to Gavin Bryars's Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet (1971):
Gavin Bryars, featuring Tom Waits - Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet 

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