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Wave Dash Give the World Premiere of Lei Liang’s Lakescape VIII

Feb. 01, 2020

Wave Dash Give the World Premiere of Lei Liang’s <em>Lakescape VIII</em>

On February 3, Wave Dash (Camilla Hoitenga, flute and Magdalena Meitzner, percussion) gave the world premiere of Lei Liang’s Lakescape VIII at the University of New Mexico as part of The 49th Annual John Donald Robb Composers’ Symposium. Lakescape VIII is the newest addition to the composer’s “Lakescape” series. The composer describes his inspiration for the series: 

“Having been interested in Mahayana Buddhism for a number of years, I went to a Buddhist monastery in upstate New York to study meditation in 1999. One evening, while walking alone by the side of the lake, I caught the sight of a “V” shape floating and extending on the surface of the water. It was a beaver taking a swim under the moon. This image gave me insight into my relationship with silence: underneath the music is a profoundly deep silence upon which I seek to inscribe my signature through sound. It serves as a point of departure that led to a series of works.”

Listen to the first movement of Lei Liang’s 2020 Grawemeyer Award-winning work, 
A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams (2017):

(A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams, I. Mountain in Darkness and the Piercing Light/
Lei Liang/Boston Modern Orchestra Project/Gil Rose, conductor)

To learn more about Lei Liang, visit:

Lei Liang
Lakescape VIII (2019) 
for flute and vibraphone