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Veronika Eberle Performs New Cadenzas for Beethoven's Violin Concerto by Jörg Widmann

Apr. 18, 2023

For her debut album  with the London Symphony Orchestra and Simon Rattle, violinist Veronika Eberle had new cadenzas for Ludwig van Beethoven's violin concerto written by Jörg Widmann. For each of the three movements, Widmann composed solo passages for her. Eberle comments:

"I find it extremely impressive how sensitively and intelligently Jörg Widmann approached the composition of these new cadenzas. I sense a great admiration for Beethoven from him: I never had the feeling that he was overreaching or that the cadenzas came to the fore." 

Jörg Widmann describes his experience writing his unique cadenzas, which allow the listener
to experience the work through the lens of a new century. 

Veronika Eberle performed the cadenzas for the first time in 2021 and will play them exclusively until autumn 2023. The sheet music edition by Schott Music will be published in October of this year and will then be available to all soloists.

Click here to listen to Beethoven's Violin Concerto with new cadenzas by Jörg Widmann, performed by Viktoria Eberle and the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Simon Rattle.

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