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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Performs the US Premiere of Francisco Coll’s Hidd’n Blue

Oct. 01, 2019

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Performs the US Premiere of Francisco Coll’s <em>Hidd’n Blue</em>

On October 25-26, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, led by Gustavo Gimeno, performs the US premiere of Francisco Coll’s Hidd’n Blue at Cincinnati Music Hall. Since its 2009 premiere by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by François-Xavier Roth, Coll’s exhilarating concert opener Hidd’n Blue, continues to be taken up internationally. This year the Orquesta de Valencia performed the piece in May as part of Coll’s residency at the Palau de la Música. Vivid, rhythmically charged, and filled with startling harmonies, this five-minute work builds to a truly vertiginous climax. Writing about the piece, Coll describes, “a bass note of deep, mysterious blue that has been overlaid with swirling, lighter colors”.

Listen To Francisco Coll’s Four Iberian Miniatures for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (2014):

(Four Iberian Miniatures for Violin and Chamber Orchestra/Francisco Coll/Britten Sinfonia/
Augustin Hadelich, violin/Thomas Adès)

To learn more about Francisco Coll, visit 

Francisco Coll
Hidd’n Blue (2009/2011)