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Theater Aachen Presents Miroslav Srnka's Children's Opera, Jakub Flügelbunt

Sep. 01, 2021

Theater Aachen Presents Miroslav Srnka's Children's Opera, <em>Jakub Flügelbunt</em>

On September 28, Miroslav Srnka's opera, Jakub Flügelbunt, will be presented at Theater Aachen in Germany. Christopher Ward conducts and Clara Hinterberger directs the performance which features the Sinfonieorchester Aachen and a cast of three singers: Fabio Lesuisse, Pawel Lawreszuk, and Lisa Strökens.

Jakub Flügelbunt is a delightful opera with a story that is well suited for family audiences. Jakub, a little bird, wants to learn to fly. While his mother is strictly against the idea, Jakub's father helps, urging him to be be cautious. When Jakub tries to fly alone in the wind against the will of his parents, he breaks his wing. Jakub is dejected, but through the help of a wise owl, he learns that you can also find success with other strengths. Jakub builds new friendships with other animals, wins a race, and finds out that Magdalena, who enchants him with her beautiful singing, likes him too.

The composer notes:

“A community emerges from everyone who sits on the podium. The orchestra musicians are first observers, then participants in the story. It is important that many moments [in the opera] can be told musically: the wind, the race, the flight, the subject of singing. What interests children are energies, impulses. And so, I choose a musical form that works through punch lines, that is always eventful."

(Miroslav Srnka's Jakub Flügelbunt at Theater Aachen - Trailer)

To learn more about Miroslav Srnka, visit:

Miroslav Srnka
Jakub Flügelbunt... und Magdalena Rotenband oder: Wie tief ein Vogel singen kann
comic opera for three singers and ensemble (2011)
music and libretto by Miroslav Srnka based on a fairy tale by Maria Procházková
S-solo, CT-solo/Bar-solo, B-solo–