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The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Led by Fabio Luisi, Premieres Katherine Balch's music for young water that danced beneath my feet

Jun. 24, 2022

Katherine Balch's music for young water that danced beneath my feet will be premiered by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Fabio Luisi, on June 30 at the Bravo! Vail Music Festival.

On the same day, Gemma New leads the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in the UK premiere of Katherine Balch's like a broken clock at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Katherine Balch notes:

"The title of this piece is a modified lyric borrowed from a Joanna Newsom song, In California. In the chorus,she sings, ‘like a little clock/ that trembles on the edge of the hour/ only ever calling out Cuckoo Cuckoo.” What attracted me to that text was the imagery of off kilter, delicate tapping/clicking rhythms. like a broken clock is music that sputters, ticks, and clangs, summoning the minutes and seconds that jitter and dance."

Listen to Katherine Balch's New Geometry for 13 players (2015, arr. 2016):

(New Geometry/Katherine Balch/Contemporaneous)

To learn more about Katherine Balch, visit:

Katherine Balch
music for young water that danced beneath my feet (2021)
for percussion, harp, celeste, and string orchestra
2 perc (I: tub bells, vib, lg sus cym, small frog guiro, 2 resonant small/medium-sized rocks; II: xylo prepared with pic wdbl, guiro, 2 glass bottles [see performance notes], lg and med sus cym, b.d, capiz shell chimes, sm tri, 2 resonant small/medium-sized rocks)-hp.cel-str(min. 12/10/8/8/6)

like a broken clock (2018)
for orchestra