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Shin-Ichiro Ikebe's Symphonic Poem, The Way of Fertility Premiered in Ishikawa

Oct. 19, 2023

Commissioned by Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Cultural Festival 2023, Shin-Ichiro Ikebe's symphonic poem, The Way of Fertility, was premiered by the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (OEK) under the baton of Junichi Hirokami on October 15 at the Ishikawa Sports Center as part of the National Cultural Festival's opening ceremony. The National Cultural Festival is an important artistic and cultural gathering for the region. Notably, the Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Cultural Festival 2023 (the unified name for the 38th National Cultural Festival and the 23rd National Art and Cultural Festival for People with Disabilities), features presentations and performances spotlighting various cultures around the nation and actively engages with people with disabilities. 

During the Festival's 44-day period, approximately 150 diverse cultural events will be held in all cities and towns within the prefecture, including events that utilize Ishikawa's unique cultural resources and 27 national competitions held by various cultural organizations will take place as well. This is the second time that the National Cultural Festival has been held in Ishikawa Prefecture since 1992, and the first time that the National Arts and Cultural Festival for People with Disabilities has been held. 

In addition, Shin-Ichiro Ikebe will present a concert for young people on November 5 at Ishikawa Prefectural Music Hall Concert Hall as part of the Festival. Children are encouraged to bring their instruments and play along with the orchestra or try their hand at being a conductor. They will enjoy classical masterpieces performed by Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, conducted by OEK Artistic Leader, Junichi Hirokami. 

Listen to Ikebe's Symphony No. 4 (1990):

Symphony No. 4
/Shin-Ichiro Ikebe/NHK Symphony Orchestra/Hiroyuki Iwaki, conductor

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Shin-Ichiro Ikebe
The Way of Fertility (2022) 
for orchestra
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