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GRAMMY Wins for Recordings of Music by Tobias Picker, Andrew Norman, and Hannah Lash

Feb. 01, 2020

GRAMMY Wins for Recordings of Music by Tobias Picker, Andrew Norman, and Hannah Lash

We are delighted to report that three recordings featuring music by our composers have garnered GRAMMY Awards. 

Tobias Picker’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, recorded and released by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) won the GRAMMY for Best Opera Performance. On this recording, Gil Rose leads a cast of star singers including John Brancy as Mr. Fox, Edwin Vega as Farmer Bruce, and Elizabeth Futral as Miss Hedgehog. 

A modern fable, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a story about good vs. evil, animal vs. human, nature vs. technology. With the help of the other creatures of the forest, Mr. Fox must outwit his human adversaries to keep his family safe. Mr. Fox finds that he may have stolen one hen too many from the henhouse, as farmers Boggis, Bunce, and Bean (one fat, one short, one lean) conspire to rid their lands of the Fox family once and for all. But our Fox family friends are able to evade capture with the help of some woodland allies, leaving the farmers laying in wait while the animals help themselves to the fruit of the farmers’ lands. Having had their revenge, the animals return for a sumptuous feast far from danger in the Foxes' new home, while the farmers continue to wait in vain in the rain.

In addition to the original English language text, the opera is also available in a German singing translation.

(Act II, Scene II: The Farmyards of Boggis, Bunce, and Bean from Fantastic Mr Fox/
Tobias Picker/Boston Modern Orchestra Project/Gil Rose, conductor)

For more information about this CD and to order a copy, click here.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic, under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel, won the GRAMMY for Best Orchestral Performance for their recording of Andrew Norman’s Sustain. Maestro Dudamel noted:

“Andrew Norman is an extraordinary talent and vital member of our LA Phil family, and we are all so proud to have been able to commission, premiere and record this magnificent work of his.”

Originally composed in 2018 for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Sustain was premiered by that orchestra under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel in October, 2018. Andrew Norman shared insights that drove the composition:

"My first thought in writing Sustain was to imagine the audience that will sit in Walt Disney Concert Hall one hundred years from now, during the 200th season of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. What will it mean to gather as a community and listen to an orchestra in 2118? How will the ears and minds of those people be different from ours? How will they be the same? How will their notions of time and space and sound and history be shaped by the world around them, and what will that world outside the Hall look like? What place will the art of live symphonic performance have in such a society? These are broad and bottomless questions which led me in many directions, but gradually they coalesced around a pair of subjects. The first is time. Perhaps, one hundred years from now, the act of sitting quietly and listening to a symphonic argument unfold over 45 minutes will mean even more than it does today. Perhaps, in a time when humans will be bombarded with increasingly atomized bits of information, when overstimulation, fragmentation, and isolation will be the given norms of experience and discourse, perhaps then communal listening to a single, long unbroken musical thought will carry a kind of significance, sacrifice, and otherness we can’t yet really imagine."

(Sustain/Andrew Norman/Los Angeles Philharmonic/Gustavo Dudamel, conductor)

Click here to purchase Sustain.

Finally, The Poetry of Places, performed by Nadia Shpachenko and produced by Marina A. Ledin & Victor Ledin won the GRAMMY for Best Classical Compendium. The Poetry of Places features premieres of solo and collaborative works (performed with LA Phil pianist Joanne Pearce Martin and Los Angeles Percussion Quartet percussionists Nick Terry and Cory Hills) inspired by diverse buildings. The disc features Frank’s House by Andrew Norman and Hannah Lash’s Give Me Your Songs.

Purchase The Poetry of Places here.

For a full list of 2020 GRAMMY Award winners, click here.

Visit to learn more about Tobias Picker, Andrew Norman, and Hannah Lash.

Tobias Picker
Fantastic Mr. Fox (1998)
libretto (Eng) by Donald Sturrock, based on the book by Roald Dahl
for 2 sopranos, 3 mezzo-sopranos, 3 tenors, 2 baritones, bass-baritone, bass and children's chorus

Reduced Orchestration Version (arr. 2010)
1(pic, afl).1(ca).1(bcl).1(cbsn)-

Chamber Version for 7 players (arr. 2010)

Andrew Norman
Sustain (2018)
for orchestra

Hannah Lash
Give Me Your Songs (2016)
for solo piano