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Performance Videos of Tokuhide Niimi's FÛJIN-RAIJIN and Akira Nishimura's Amrita Available Now

Aug. 08, 2022

Performance videos of new works by Tokuhide Niimi and Akira Nishimura are available to view on YouTube.

Tokuhide Niimi's FÛJIN-RAIJIN, for Japanese big drum, organ and orchestra was premiered by the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Ken Takaseki in Tokyo in 1997. 

(The New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Michioyoshi Inoue, performs Tokuhide Niimi's FÛJIN-RAIJIN)

Of his work Amrita, for solo viola, Akira Nishimura noted:

"I composed this work as a set piece for the 2022 5th Tokyo International Viola Competition. It takes its title from the Sanskrit word meaning 'immortality,' a word which here refers specifically to the elixir of life in Hindu mythology: a nectar created by churning the Ocean of Milk (samudra manthan) for a thousand years. The work is a kind of capriccio inspired in particular by the comical tale of the struggle between the Devas, the heavenly deities, and the Asuras, the malevolent demigods, to acquire this nectar. Although the piece does not strive to portray this tale in a literal sense, it should be performed in a dramatic and dynamic manner."

(Akira Nishimura's Amrita is performed at The 5th Tokyo International Viola Competition)

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Tokuhide Niimi
for Japanese big drum, organ, and orchestra
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Akira Nishimura
for solo viola
Commissioned by Tokyo International Viola Competition