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Orchestra 2001 Celebrates Frank Zappa in Philadelphia

Mar. 31, 2018

Orchestra 2001 Celebrates Frank Zappa in Philadelphia

On April 22 at World Cafe Live, Orchestra 2001 will pair selections of Frank Zappa’s chamber music with works by composers who were influential to his artistic development, including such luminaries as Anton Webern, Igor Stravinsky, Pierre Boulez, and Edgard Varèse. One of the nation’s leading Zappa experts, Dr. Joseph Klein, will lead a pre-concert discussion.

Then, on April 28 at the Filmore, Orchestra 2001 will present the Philadelphia premiere of Frank Zappa's genre-defying compositions from The Yellow Shark in the 25th anniversary year of the album’s release and of Zappa’s death. The 16 pieces that comprise this 75-minute evening-length program were described by Zappa as among the best representations of his orchestral works. An ensemble of 26 musicians will perform on a wide range of instruments including percussion, standard orchestral instruments, banjo, cymbalom, lion’s roar, didgeridoo and alphorn.

Listen to two compositions from "The Yellow Shark" here:

("Dog Breath Variations" from The Yellow Shark/Frank Zappa/Ensemble Modern)

("The Girl in the Magnesium Dress" from The Yellow Shark/Frank Zappa/Ensemble Modern)

Frank Zappa
The Dog Breath Variation/Uncle Meat (1970)
for wind ensemble with rock band
2(1,, pic s.d, marac, bells, cym (pair), 5wdbl, bell tree, casts on stand. perc2: concert s.d, xyl, 5cowbells, 2wdbl, tamb, bell tree, mark tree. perc3: vib, huge b.d, field drum, wdbl, 5tempbl, mark tree, marac, tam-t, 2bng, casts on stand)-2kybd(electric tack piano, Fender Rhodes CS-80)-egtr.ebgtr.eperc(vib, mar, chimes, syndrum)-drum set(s.d, 3floor toms, h.h, crash cym, ride cym, casts)

Outrage at Valdez (1992)
for ensemble
1(afl).1.1.bcl.1(cbsn)-2.1.flhn.1.btbn.1-3perc(egg shaker, large b.d, glsp, tub bells, mar, low tam-t)-gtr.mand.hp.cel.pno-str(

Times Beach II (1985)
for wind sextet

Ill Revised
arranged for string quintet (1992)

The Girl in the Magnesium Dress (1992)

for chamber ensemble

3perc(perc1: vib, cemb. perc2: tub bells, xyl. perc3: mar)-gtr.mand.hp.cel.pno


Be-Bop Tango
for chamber orchestra
pic.1(afl,clav).1(marac).1(tri).tsax(cym).1(jingle bells)-2.2.1.btbn.1-3perc-gtr.mand.hp.pno-2vn(1.agogo 2.vibraslap).1va(metal guiro).1vc(large guiro).1db(small cym)

Ruth is Sleeping (1982-83)
for piano two or four hands, or two pianos

None of the Above (1985)
arranged for string quintet (1992)

Pentagon Afternoon
for orchestra

Questi Cazzi Di Piccione
for string quartet

Times Beach III (1985)
for wind quintet

Get Whitey (1992)

for orchestra

1(afl).1(ca).1.bcl.1(cbsn)-2.1.1.btbn.1-3perc(perc1: timp, mar, cowbells. perc2: chimes, crot, gong, glsp, tam-t. perc3: vib, cemb)-gtr.mand.hp.pno-str


G-Spot Tornado (1992)
for orchestra
transcribed by Ali N. Askin
1(pic).1.1(Ebcl).bcl(Eb barsax, perc ad lib).1(perc ad lib.)-2(perc ad lib.).2(2.pic tpt).2(perc ad lib.).1(perc ad lib.)-3perc(perc1: 2bng, tub bells, xyl, cym (pair), Chinese cym, large tam-t, tamb, tri, wdbl, cowbell. perc2: 2wdbl, low tom-t, h.h, cym. perc3: 4tom-t, b.d, glsp, cym (pair), crash cym, cabaça)-gtr.mand.hp.cel.pno-str( db)