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Noriko Koide Featured at the "Music from Japan Festival 2020" in New York

Feb. 01, 2020

Noriko Koide Featured at the "Music from Japan Festival 2020" in New York

On February 22 and 23, the "Music from Japan Festival 2020 New York" will be held at the Scandinavia House in New York City. Featuring Noriko Koide as guest composer, the festival will celebrate its 45th anniversary this year.

A selection of works by Koide will be presented by celebrated New York musicians in a portrait concert on the February 22, including the world premiere of BISHAMON for flute, clarinet, baritone saxophone, percussion and accordion. BISHAMON is the newest addition to Koide’s series ‘Shichifukujin’ (meaning the Seven Gods of Luck).

In Japanese mythology, “Bishamonten” is one of the Shichifukujin often associated with a statue of a severe-looking warrior clad in heavy armor with a terrible scowl. However, the god is also known as “Tamonten”, one of the Four Devas, which are guardian deities in Buddhism. According to Koide, the Bishamon portrayed in this work is “disarmed of his military equipment one by one”, and is like a “bodyguard to the preaching Buddha, a god that attentively listens to a variety of people”. YEBISU, another piece from the Shichifukujin series, will be performed alongside the new work, allowing audiences a glimpse into Koide’s unique take on this traditional material.

(Pipakolop/Noriko Koide/Asko|Schönberg/Bas Wiegers, conductor) 

In total, six chamber works will be performed at the concert, from Mistoffelees, composed in 2007 at the beginning of her creative activity, to tik-tik bird and HONE, both of which were composed and premiered in Japan last year. Therefore, the concert will be an invaluable opportunity to reflect on the progression of Koide’s compositional activities to date through her chamber music.

To learn more about Noriko Koide, visit:

Noriko Koide
Mistoffelees (2007)
for alto saxophone and percussion
[US Premiere]

tik-tik bird (2019)
for violoncello (with voice)
[US Premiere]

HONE (2019)
for alto saxophone and koto
[US Premiere]

Tipsy Steps (2013)
for accordion and piano
[US Premiere]

A Holiday of Island Hoppers (2008)
for piccolo and 13-strings koto
[US Premiere]

YEBISU (2013)
for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello and piano
[US Premiere]

for flute, clarinet, baritone saxophone, percussion and accordion
[World Premiere]