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Pēteris Vasks's The Fruit of Silence for Piano and Strings Premiered in Tallinn

Dec. 17, 2021

Pēteris Vasks's <em>The Fruit of Silence</em> for Piano and Strings Premiered in Tallinn

Pēteris Vasks's The Fruit of Silence, in a new version for piano and strings, was premiered by the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra on December 11 at the Great Hall of the House of the Blackheads operated by Tallinn Philharmonic Society.

The Fruit of Silence was written to celebrate the 75th birthdays of both the composer and the conductor Juha Kangas. The work was premiered after the celebration was postponed several times due to pandemic restrictions applied to cultural events. 

Mother Teresa was happy to surprise her interlocutors by handing them a small card instead of a conventional business card on which a short text could be read, starting with the line "The fruit of silence is prayer." In 2013 Pēteris Vasks set Mother Teresa's peace prayer to music on behalf of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival for mixed choir a cappella in the form of a densely woven elegiac sound stream. The versions for piano quintet and string quartet now make this musical form of Mother Teresa's words accessible to two traditional genres of chamber music without choir accompaniment.

Listen to The Fruit of Silence (2013/2014) for choir and orchestra:

(Pēteris Vasks/The Fruit of Silence/Latvian Radio Choir/Sinfonietta Rīga)

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Pēteris Vasks
The Fruit of Silence (2013/2015)
for piano and strings