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Music of Bernard Rands Celebrated in Festivals Across the World

Jun. 04, 2014

Music of Bernard Rands Celebrated in Festivals Across the World

From Colombia and Thailand to Manchester and Buffalo, several festivals celebrate the music of Bernard Rands this month, in honor of the composer's 80th birthday year. Kicking off the month was the Amernet String Quartet, which gave a performance of Rands’s String Quartet No. 2 on June 3 as part of the Festivale de la Musica Contemporanea in Baranquilla, Colombia.

The June in Buffalo Festival hosts Rands as composer-in-residence. On June 3, Jerry Hou led the Slee Sinfonietta in a performance of Canti Lunatici with soprano Julia Bentley. The program also included Rands’s complete Preludes for Piano, performed by Stephen Beck. The esteemed oboist Jaqueline Leclair joined Ensemble Signal on June 7 for a performance of Rands’s Concertino, and the Festival concluded on June 8 with a performance of …where the murmurs dies…, with JoAnn Falletta leading the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Later this month, Rands is the focus of a major festival hosted by the BBC Philharmonic and the Royal Northern College of Music, which takes place June 17 and 18 in Manchester, England. A spectacular series of concerts are scheduled, with performances of solo, ensemble and vocal works including Prism, FanfareMemo 1Ceremonial, and Walcott Songs. The highlight of the festival takes place on June 18, when Clark Rundell leads the BBC Philharmonic in an orchestral portrait concert, including Rands’s Concerto No. 1, with cellist Johannes Moser, as well as Danza Petrificada and Chains Like the Sea.

To close out the month, Rands is a featured composer at the Thailand International Composition Festival in Bangkok. Performances include Ceremonial, for wind band, on June 23, Memo 4, Memo 6, Three Pieces for Piano, and Prism on June 25, and Chains Like the Sea on June 28.

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Bernard Rands
String Quartet No. 2 (1994)

Canti Lunatici (1981, arr. 1991)
for soprano and chamber ensemble
texts from Arp, Artaud, Blake, Hopkins, Joyce, Lorca, Plath, Quasimodo, Shelley, Whitman and an anonymous Celtic text

Preludes (2007)
for piano

Concertino (1996)
for solo oboe and chamber ensemble

…where the murmurs die… (1995)
for orchestra

Memo 1 (1971)
for solo double bass

Memo 4 (1997)
for solo flute

Memo 6 (1998)
for solo alto saxophone

PRISM (Memo 6b) (2008)
for saxophone quartet

Fanfare (1997)
for brass quintet

Ceremonial (1992)
for wind ensemble

Walcott Songs (2004)
for mezzo-soprano and cello

Concerto No. 1 (1996)
for cello and orchestra
3(1.,, 3.pic, afl)

Danza Petrificada (2011)
for orchestra

Chains Like the Sea (2008)
for orchestra
4(, 4.pic)

Three Pieces for Piano (2010)