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Lei Liang's Mongolian Suite Premiered in Spain

Feb. 15, 2023

On February 3, cellist Erica Wise performed the world premiere of Lei Liang's Mongolian Suite for solo cello at Servei Solidari, an organization dedicated to helping refugees adapt to their new life in Barcelona, Spain. Lei Liang describes his new suite:

"Mongolian Suite (for cello, 2022) is a collection of Inner Mongolian songs, both arranged and imagined. Having studied with the renowned scholar Wulalji since my childhood, I learned songs that sing of mother’s love, friendship, courage, skies and stars, horses, mountains and grassland; I learned about home and what it means to be away from home – something we all can relate to. These songs have a special place in my heart."

Mongolian Suite was commissioned and written for Erica Wise. It has six movements which can be performed as a suite or as individual pieces.

The score of Mongolian Suite can be purchased on Project Schott New York (PSNY) here.

(VI. "Feng" from Mongolian Suite)

To learn more about Lei Liang, visit:

Lei Liang
Mongolian Suite (2022)
for solo cello
I. Tongliao Mountain
II. Where Is Home?
III. Chifeng Mountain
IV. Mother and Daughter
V. Yin Shan Dance
VI. Feng