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Hannah Lash's Adjoining Premiered By Francesca Anderegg

May. 04, 2015

Hannah Lash's <em>Adjoining</em> Premiered By Francesca Anderegg

On May 4, violinist Francesca Anderegg and pianist Brent Funderburk gave the world premiere of Hannah Lash’s Adjoining as part of a faculty recital presented at the St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. The work, a duo for violin and piano, was commissioned by Anderegg. Lash writes:

The title of my piece "Adjoining" pertains not only the relationship of the violin and piano, but also to the way in which the musical materials work. Linearly and harmonically, the music contains tendencies and directions; one harmony leans a number of different ways, and adjoins the next which also has a number of tendencies. This sense of directionality results from the use of extended tonality: functional relationships of the harmonies to one another are preserved just enough to create this strong sense of tendency and connectivity throughout. I find this way of working supremely expressive: I am able to work with and against the tonal desires inherent in the material.

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Hannah Lash
Adjoining (2015)
for violin and piano