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Carmina Burana – A Multimedia Sensation in Nashville

May. 01, 2019

<em>Carmina Burana</em> – A Multimedia Sensation in Nashville

There are few works that delight the senses as much as Carl Orff's enduring favorite, Carmina Burana. From May 31-June 3, the Nashville Symphony, Nashville Symphony Chorus and Blair Children’s Chorus, led by Giancarlo Guerrero join forces with the Nashville Ballet to present Carmina Burana as never before. This multimedia sensation features updated choreography by artisitic director Paul Vasterling for the Nashville Ballet and an original film by Duncan Copp that will bring the bawdy medieval text of this choral masterwork vividly to life.

(Trailer for Carmina Burana at the Nashville Symphony)

(Giancarlo Guerrero & Paul Vasterling discuss the upcoming production of Carmina Burana
at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center)

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Carl Orff
Carmina Burana (1936)
Cantiones profanae
text compilation by Carl Orff
for soprano, tenor, baritone, mixed choir, boy’s choir and orchestra
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