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Archival Materials for Zen-On's “Groupe des Quatre et ses ami(e)s” Concerts Now Available Online

Jun. 27, 2022

Archival Materials for Zen-On's Annual “Groupe des Quatre et ses ami(e)s” Concerts are now available for public viewing here. The “Groupe des Quatre et ses ami(e)s” concert series was created by Zen-On in 1994 as a unique way to promote and propagate works of contemporary composers.

(Ichiro Nodaira's Violin, Viola performed by Hiroaki Matsuno and Tomomi Shinozaki
on the 25th Groupe des Quatre et ses ami(e)s Concert)

In a publisher's note at the first concert, Akira Tanaka noted:

"…The existence of ‘Les Quatre et ses ami(e)s’ is a starting point and impetus for our activities, and is synonymous with these activities. As music publishers, we planned and organized this concert series as a positive way of promoting and propagating new music. All works that are being performed in this concert series are already published, or will be published in the near future. Already, some of our young up-and-coming composers have indicated their willingness to be involved with this movement. This is very encouraging for us. We are extremely keen to build up a good relationship between young composers and ourselves (the publisher), as a way of nurturing new talent. In this way both parties can reap benefits…"

(Hitomi Kaneko's H2O -Composition by 3D modeling VIII- performed by Fumiko Kai and Kaori Ohsuga
on the 27th Groupe des Quatre et ses ami(e)s Concert)

To learn more about the “Groupe des Quatre et ses ami(e)s” Concerts and the composers whose works have been performed on the series, visit: