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Agata Zubel and Maja Kleczewska's Orestia Now Available from ANAKLASIS

Dec. 21, 2023

Agata Zubel and Maja Kleczewska's <em>Orestia</em> Now Available from ANAKLASIS

A recording of Agata Zubel's opera, Orestia, with a libretto by Maja Kleczewska after the classical tragedy by Aeschylus is now available from ANAKLASIS in both CD and LP versions. Composed in 2011 as a commission from the Teatr Wielki – the Polish National Opera in Warsaw, Orestia was premiered there a year later under the direction of Maja Kleczewska. In the concert performance of the spectacle, released by ANAKLASIS in May this year, the actors are replaced by just one, very well-known voice – that of Danuta Stenka, appearing in the double role of two opposed and extreme figures: the killer and the avenger, Clytemnestra and Orestes.

In this bloody and dramatic tale, Stenka’s musical partners are Anna Zawisza (soprano), Michał Sławecki (countertenor), Tomasz Piluchowski (tenor), The Polish Radio Choir, as well as percussionists: Krzysztof Niezgoda, Leszek Lorent, and Tamara Kurkiewicz. The performance was conducted by Szymon Wyrzykowski.

The composer notes: "Orestia tackles difficult aspects of human motivation and attempts to define the moral meaning of human acts. We have reenacted the same themes over and over for centuries and nothing has changed, which is as fascinating as it is terrifying."

Orestia is part of the OPERA series by ANAKLASIS, which presents outstanding compositions for voices and instruments, in particular, those that go beyond the traditional understanding of the term "opera."

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