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New Guide to the Stage Works of Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Sep. 01, 2019

New Guide to the Stage Works of Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Schott is delighted to announce the release of a new guide to the stage works of Erich Wolfgang Korngold. The guide, which is presented in English and in German, includes information about Korngold's operas, operettas and incidental music, as well as an introduction by Thomsa Jonigk. 

Korngold’s music theatre works made him the most popularly performed German-speaking opera composer between 1910 and the 1930s alongside Richard Strauss. The opera Die tote Stadt (1916-1919) today continues to be included in the regular music theatre repertoire. The libretto based on Rodenbach’s novel “Bruges-la-morte” was written by Korngold himself in cooperation with his father under the pseudonym Paul Schott. Korngold’s music for the Symbolist, morbid text developed on the back of Late Romantic tonal worlds to form an independent expressive language tracing the psychology of the plot in great detail. Das Wunder der Heliane (1923-1926) which was considered by the composer as his most significant work marks a turning point in Korngold’s oeuvre. The monumental orchestral forces and the demands on the singers reach the limits of what is performable. During his second career as film music composer for the Warner Brothers Studios, the composer was able to bring the genre of symphonic film music to perfection. Korngold was one of the most influential co-founders of the “sound of Hollywood” with his classics such as “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938), “The Sea Hawk” (1940) and “The Sea Wolf” (1941).

(Die Tote Stadt/Erich Wolfgang Korngold/Deutsch Oper Berlin/Heinrich Hollreiser, conductor)

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