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Katherine Balch

With Each Breathing

Subtitlefor string quartet
Year(s) composed2015
PublisherSchott Music
PremiereAugust 7, 2015; Santa Fe Music Festival, St. Francis Auditorium at the New Mexico Museum of Art, NM; FLUX Quartet
CommissionCommissioned by the Sante Fe Chamber Music Festival
Composer note

This piece is an appropriation and reinterpretation/ obfuscation of some of the sounds and gestures from the inner movements of Beethoven's Opp. 130 & 131. It deals with the expression of breath through music (inhaling, exhaling, panting, pranayama, etc.), the strength in fragility, and my love and fragmented memories of Beethoven's late Quartets. The title, With Each Breathing, is taken from e.e.cumming’s poem, somewhere i have never traveled.

The form of this piece is ascherzo / rondo hybdrid form.Each time material returns,it is more fragmented, like a hazy memory.

– Katherine Balch

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