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Katherine Balch

Responding to the Waves

Subtitlefor solo violin
Year(s) composed2017
PublisherSchott Music
MovementsI. Chrysalis II. Nets of Wings III. Fractures
PremiereMarch 13, 2017; “Circling the Waves,” The Dairy Center, Boulder, CO; Michiko Theurer, violin
CommissionCommissioned by Michiko Theurer
Composer note

“Look,” said Rhoda; “listen. Look how the light becomes richer, second by second, and bloom and ripeness lie everywhere; and our eyes, as they range round this room with all its tables, seem to push through curtains of colour, red, orange, umber and queer ambiguous tints, which yield like veils and close behind them, and one thing melts into another.” — Virginia Woolf, The Waves

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