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Eugene Zador

Aria and Allegro

Subtitlefor strings and brass
Year(s) composed1967
Instrumentation4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, strings (
PremiereMarch 2, 1967; Los Angeles Philharmonic • Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt, conductor
Composer note

Aria and Allegro is fundamentally a simple work, easily understood by musicians and laymen alike.  I believe that the possibilities of tonal writing are still not exhausted.  Instead of moving toward serialism, I try to create new interest with orchestral colors, without forswearing traditional music making.  The combination of strings and brass has always attracted me.  The brass is thematically integrated in the piece, not only giving rhythmic or dynamic accents, but also carrying the musical thoughts.  In the Aria we hear a simple melody accompanied by a vertical combination of chords, which gives the harmonization an almost bitonal character.  The Allegro is really a Rondo, in which the basic theme appears four times.  Then, as a middle section, a slower scherzo theme follows in the strings, and the opening Rondo theme finally reappears, leading to a strongly stated finale by the full orchestra.

- Eugene Zador