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Bernard Rands - Works for Ensemble

Folk Songs (2015)
for voice and eight instrumentalists
I. Mrs. Murphy's Chowder - II. The Water is Wide - III. Mi Hamaca - IV. Dafydd Y Garreg Wen - V. On Ilkey Moor Baht 'At - VI. I Died for Love - VII. Über d' Alma - VIII. Ar Hyd y Nos - IX. La Vera Sorrentina
anonymous texts (English, Old English, Spanish, Welsh, Bavarian, Italian)
View the score

Four Impromptus (2017)
for piano 

Prélude, and "...sans voix parmi les voix..." (2004)
for flute, viola, and harp
View the score

String Quartet No. 3 (2004)

String Quartet No. 2 (1994)

Walcott Songs (2004)
for mezzo-soprano and cello
I. Endings - II. Midsummer, Tobago - III. The Fist
text by Derek Walcott (Eng.)

"now again" - fragments from Sappho (2006)
for mezzo-soprano solo, soprano voice, alto voice and chamber ensemble
text by Sappho (Eng.)

Three Pieces for Piano (2010)
I. Caprice - II. Aubade - III. Arabesque

Concertino (1996)
for solo oboe and chamber ensemble
20' the receding mist... (1988)
for chamber ensemble


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