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Douglas J. Cuomo – Objects in Mirror

Douglas J. Cuomo
Objects in Mirror
for chamber orchestra
fl.ob-tpt in C-hpd-solo vn-str

Commissioned by Orchestra of the Swan for their 21st Anniversary season and as a companion piece for Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, through the generous support of Arts Council England.

World premiere: November 8, 2016
Orchestra of the Swan; David Curtis, conductor
Diane Clark, flute; Victoria Brawn, oboe;
Hugh Davies, trumpet; David Le Page, violin
Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratford Arts House (UK) 


From the composer: 

Utilizing the same three-movement form as the Brandenburg Concerto No. 2,
I took some of Bach’s ideas and expressed them in my own language. Rhythmic propulsion, ceaseless motion and jazz-like harmonic movement (a few centuries early) are three of the notions I worked with. I borrowed some very brief note sequences which I developed into themes, and let the trumpet rest during the entire first and third movements (Bach had him rest during the second), to create a kind of mirror-symmetry. And just for fun, each movement has the exact same number of bars as the original. 
– Douglas J. Cuomo 


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