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Keeril Makan on Mode Records

Mode Records has released a much-awaited album of the music of Keeril Makan, performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble. The works recorded on this album are all available through PSNY-- as well as over a dozen other compositions by Makan, who was featured by this blog some short months ago. Check out a teaser that Mode has released for the new album: 

The album, titled Afterglow, contains recordings of Mercury Songbirds, Husk, Afterglow, Becoming Unknown, Mu, and After Forgetting. These works, ranging from solo piano to small ensemble, are linked together by their exploration of resonance-- acoustic, harmonic, spiritual-- of specific instruments and objects. Makan writes, "I pick up an instrument and poke it a bit, hoping it might tell me something useful — a squawk, a cry, anything." Jay Batzner's review in Sequenza 21 says it well: ICE is a "perfect fit" for Makan's music, resulting in an album of haunting beauty.


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